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Press Release: 17 June 2024


17 June 2024


Hat Rock Contemporary Gallery and CX2Art

Bellarine, Victoria—Hat Rock Contemporary Gallery is proud to announce its upcoming exhibition, "Under the Sea: A Celebration of Oceanic Life." This solo show showcases the works of Sydney artist Catherin Bennett—CX2Art—and celebrates the fragility and beauty of oceanic life. This immersive showcase transports you into the mesmerising world beneath the waves, where art and environmental advocacy seamlessly merge.

Situated in the beautiful countryside of the Bellarine in Victoria, Hat Rock Contemporary, in partnership with the highly successful Lethbridge Wines cellar door, is proud to showcase artists from across Australia. In an inviting minimalist gallery space, we aim to provide a platform for new and established contemporary artists and photographers to showcase their works.

Catherin Bennett, the creative force behind CX2Art, explores themes of humanity, nature, culture, and politics in her work, offering a unique perspective to the art world. Renowned for her innovative approach to her art, Bennett presents a series of stunning works inspired by the vibrant and diverse ecosystems of the ocean.

Reflecting on her creative journey, Catherin shares, “My latest body of work was inspired by our urgent need to protect and preserve the world’s marine environments. Each original piece highlights underwater life's ethereal beauty and fragility in flowing and vibrant colours.”

An exhibition highlight will be a unique site-specific five-meter-wide installation created by Catherin, offering visitors an immersive experience of the underwater world.

Join us for an unforgettable journey "Under the Sea" and witness how Catherin Bennett's art transcends mere representation, becoming a clarion call for environmental stewardship and a tribute to the exquisite beauty of our oceans. This exhibition is not just a visual feast but a heartfelt appeal to protect the wonders of the deep for future generations, where visitors will emerge with a renewed sense of wonder and responsibility towards our planet's most precious and endangered habitats. 

All artworks will be available for sale. Visit the Lethbridge@HatRock cellar door and browse our beautiful gallery today at


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Media enquiries: Peter Logan



Key information:

Hat Rock Contemporary, 2330 Portarlington Road, Bellarine, VIC 3223, Australia


Opening times:

Wednesday to Sunday: 11am to 5pm



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