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Inspired by shape, form & colour

The colours of #flora and #fauna in #Australia are so vibrant. Reds browns purples in the dust and rocks in the outback. Our white sands and the bluest oceans. Walking in the park under purple #jacaranda trees or yellow wattle in full bloom, all takes my breath away.

At this years 'The Other Art Show' in Sydney, I could see how every artist reflects what inspires them through their composition and medium. Some are inspired by #form and #figures and others use #colour as their hero; some use paint and canvas, boards, wood, glass, or photos.

What's so awesome about being an artist, is there are no limits to inspirations or what we use as we create. Speaking to one artist, a photographer, she said "All I have to do is push a button. I can’t paint!" But what's so incredible is her ability to bring depth, clarity and colour to life in her photographic pieces, and that's not easy at all!

I love using colours as every shade or tone inspires emotion. The ability to blend oil paints to create any colour I want on my pallet is mesmerising. Maybe sometimes frustrating. But when you get it right, and you can just paint away, you wish you mixed up an unlimited amount of paint and the magic fairy just keeps mixing up more!

I am inspired by the colours in nature and how they are forever changing. All of my most recent pieces are because I could see the depth of colours in a gum tree so I created 'Ancient Wisdom 1 & 2' or the ocean and sky so created 'Imagine', or the flowers in my garden or in parks around my local area so created 'Blush' and 'Vibrant'. I've loved bringing these pinks, browns, magentas, purples, greens, and yellows to life through my art.

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