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Earth Energies IV 'Mookaite' (Diptych)

Earth Energies IV 'Mookaite' (Diptych)

Earth Energies IV 'Mookaite', an original artwork created with love and healing using genuine silver and gold leaf, with touches of bronze. A two panel (diptych) artwork on deep panels gives the piece solidity, just like this beautiful stone. 


'Mookaite' could be said to be the Mother Earth stone with its earthy colours of red, yellow, brown or purple and formed some 145-146 million years ago in Western Australia, the only place on the planet! Said to be a 'grounding stone', which is formed in running waters. Helps us to feel 'in the now'.  


My 'Earth Energies' collection celebrates our Earth's wondrous colours and healing energies.  CatB

  • Medium

    Oil on Board
  • Size (cm)

    122 x 61
  • Year

  • Framed/Ready to Hang (Y/N)

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