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Imagined & Inspired

Updated: May 8, 2021

Welcome to CX2Art a new home to host some beautiful original artworks. Launching with #art created by Catherin Bennett @ArtbyCatB. CX2Art is also open to hosting art from local #Sydneyartists.

As our tag line ‘Imagined & Inspired’ reveals, each day I’m inspired by the world and our environment. As I walk upstairs in the pouring rain I see the colours in leaves, reflective water on steps, moss growing beneath each step, and it all fills my imagination with subdued autumn colours.

In #Australia, we are surrounded by some of the most incredible colours in nature. From the deep #reds in the #outback to the rich blues and greens as you dive into our oceans.

I started my art journey very early in life, as my Hungarian grandmother Martha (FENYES. Mihalowks Martha) was an artist as was my step-grandfather, Zoltan (FENYES. Zoltan) who's work continues to be sought ( Although both are no longer with us in this realm, my grandmother's influences surround me through her artwork displayed in my home. The article has shown 'Marthe's Paddo' was published in the early '80s in the Paddington Times!

As I grew up, I recall the strong scents of turpentine, the mess of paints, brushes and canvases everywhere in her home and how every time I saw her she wanted to draw me.

It drove my brother and I crazy as we couldn’t sit that long! But reflecting back, I’m so grateful I sat for her a few times. The #portrait you see is when I was around 10 years old.

My artistic journey was just meant to be, but it’s only now that I start to share it with the world. I developed my art techniques at high school presenting 3-unit art pieces that I now look back at and say ‘what was I thinking?’.

Then as an adult, I explored life drawing classes. My mother and I used to attend weekly evening classes and have supper at a cafe afterwards.

They’re incredibly fond memories, and the artwork I developed at the time I continue to cherish. The drawing on the right is from back in 2017.

I’ve loved working with oil paints, and have also worked in watercolour, acrylics and drawing with pastels, charcoal and pencils. I will share many of my earlier works with you through this blog.

For now, I welcome you to my art world at CX2Art and hope you love my pieces.



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