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CX2Art has new studios in Chippendale, NSW - Australia

It's very exciting when you're able to move all the easels, paints, brushes and completed works into a dedicated art studio. Although I still haven't got to repainting my dining room wall, still covered with paint from taping up my canvas'.

Well only a few months back, I was very excited to move in at Peach Black Gallery located in Chippendale, NSW with a dear friend and fellow amazing artist Matteo Bernasconi.

We have plans to do an Open Studio Day where you can come along, and see our latest works and those in progress. Ask questions and see what happens behind the scenes in an art studio.

Announcements will be via Instagram and by email to CX2Art subscribers.

In the meantime, please reach out if you are interested in a personal viewing of any of my original artworks available for sale.

Just moving in and the bubbles are out already!
Catherin Bennett (CX2Art) and Matteo Bernasconi (Peach Black Gallery)


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