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Artists Statement - Catherin Bennett

Every day I am inspired by the colours, shapes, and moods of flora, Australian nature,

and the human body.

I come from a family of artists who immigrated from Europe to make their life in Australia in the 1940’s. I grew up watching my Hungarian grandmother paint and sketch in Sydney – the smell of turpentine, oil paints, and her passion for art now motivate my emerging art practice.

My oil paintings comprise a series of contemporary styled pieces with a touch of tradition. I’m always looking for a new style to represent a formal concept, and each day I explore the depths of colour.

Imagine is the culmination of thoughts, ideas, and inspirations, stemming from my cross-cultural experience of growing up in Australia, hailing from European roots. I enjoy studying elements of nature and the human form with fresh and appreciative eyes, capturing both detail and overarching energy and positivism. Imagine transports me from the now, backward, and forwards through time, remembering fond childhood memories and feeling optimism for our future.

My work is largely figurative, however, I have enjoyed creating my Ancient Wisdom series, a more abstract exploration of the earthy tones of tree bark, or reflection on rocks as the ocean joins the shore.

My seasons and floral series represent the vibrancy we all enjoy on an annual basis, instilling a sense of nostalgia during their presence or imminent appearance in our gardens. I have dedicated my first pieces to my loving Grandmother’s favourite flowers and am so excited to present these works as a series.

More recently my focus has shifted to the human body, where I aim to capture the intriguing form, movement, and tenderness of the figure, experimenting with different mediums and tones, in oils, watercolour, and mixed media.

“I .. love that every person who looks at one of my artworks has a unique interpretation of it. This is why I titled my upcoming exhibition ‘Imagine’, as all of us have dreams and emotions that can be expressed through colour, art, dance, sculpture, music, and many other forms.”

Catherin Bennett, True Blue Magazine, October 2021

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