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Art that makes you want to touch it

It's so hard to convey the amazing effect the use of #impasto can have on artwork. A technique where you lay the paint in thick layers, one used extensively by Vincent van Gogh #vangogh.

Impasto, as I have discovered brings my petals to life and texture to the bark of a tree. I use this technique in Ancient Wisdom, Vibrant, Blush, and Imagine. Even in Summer Sunflowers, I touched on bringing the centre of the flower towards you with the cutest little droplets of paint (so much fun).

As you may have read in my other posts, I love to explore various mediums. Right now, I'm totally in love with oil painting. Adding in various mediums like #liquin by #winsorandnewton (I use both Liquin Original and Liquin Fine Detail) can either make your paint thicker or super smooth and will even fasten drying time (so good for very busy people with a brain full of artworks they want to do).

At the same time, I've secured some of the most gorgeous #watercolours for my life drawings. But I'm really still exploring the subtlety and magic of this medium.

An artwork that makes you want to touch it reaches more than our visual senses, it finds the child within us who couldn't help but want to touch everything.

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